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Platform Guidelines and Policy

To get you started

  • You can upload your content under four different formats on the Wondrous Stories ‘Share Your Story’ platform: Audio, Video, Image or Text. The sky is the limit when it comes to your story! Here are a few ideas:
    • Audio: song, spoken word, poetry, slam, music, podcast, musical improvisation, reading…
    • Video (max 20MB): dance improvisation, vlog, short movie, sports clip, drama piece, singing performance…
    • Image: photograph, GIF, drawing, painting, selfie, sculpture, jewellery, make-up, cosplay…
    • Text (Max 500 words): creative writing, poem, prose, haiku, fairy tale…
  • Invite family members, friends or classmates into your work! Collaborate on the project, share your ideas and inspire one another!

Before posting on the Wondrous Stories ‘Share Your Story’ platform:

  • Consider the ‘Billboard test’ – would you want it to appear on a billboard for example? Think about who might see your content, what personal information it gives away and what impressions it gives. Before you submit your content, make sure you are entirely happy with it.
  • Make sure you title your work appropriately. Remember, the Wondrous Stories ‘Share Your Story’ is an anonymous platform, so avoid putting your name or revealing any information which could identify you personally in the title of the work.
  • Credit any images or text which is not your original work – we love being inspired by others but remember to give credit to those who have inspired you.
  • Lastly, please do not submit any explicit, hateful or violent content – it will not make it onto the platform.